The Cure for the Common Disability AU

A Big Bang Challenge for Canonically Disabled Characters

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Crip Big Bang is dedicated to characters with disabilities. That is, characters with canonical (or arguably canonical) disabilities. No disability AUs here. Rather than give able-bodied characters disabilities and imagine “what if?” this challenge puts the focus on actually disabled characters and what it’s like for them to do various plotty (or porny) things while disabled. This challenge is about giving disabled characters the attention they didn’t get in canon. For participants working on original fic, this challenge is about making room for disabled characters in their canon.

Find out the particulars at the FAQ.

Here's the schedule for Round 2:
January 1st, 2014 – Author and Artist sign-ups open
June 15th – Author rough drafts due + sign-ups close
June 18th – Claims open
August 10th – Artist rough drafts due
August 17th – Posting begins
August 31st – Posting ends

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